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How to bypass FRP Realme 5, 5s, 5i, 5 Pro Forgot a Google Account

How to bypass FRP Lock / bypassing Google Realme 5 All Series Account Verification Without PC – So far there are two easy ways to bypass FRP or pass requests to enter a google account after doing a factory reset, hard reset or flashing firmware / stock ROM Realme 5 Series. Namely using the Dial Pad method and special applications . Both methods are very easy and fast to implement, and interesting because they do not need the help of computers such as PCs and Laptops.

For the application of the dial pad method, it is sufficient to enter certain secret codes on the dial pad board, while the method for using the application requires you to install a special application called BypassFRP.apk and Google-Account-Manager.apk into the cellphone using special techniques.

So what is FRP Lock? FRP stands for ” Factory Reset Protection ” which functions as an Android security system and will be active when the phone is finished factory reset, hard reset or flashed by asking the user to re-enter the Google Account (email and password) as verification as seen in the following picture.

The requested Google Account is not just any account, Epson l220 driver but the Google account that was last recognized or installed on Realme 5, 5s, 5i, 5 Pro devices. So from now on, make sure you remember the e-mail address and password of the Google account that is currently installed on your smartphone, so that when you finish resetting, you can easily re-enter it.

But if you have already reset Realme 5, 5s, 5i, 5 Pro and forgot your google account, here are two solutions to resolve / bypass your Google account request.

Bypass FRP Lock Realme 5 Series with Application

The second best solution to get through a Google Account verification request for HP Realme 5, 5s, 5i or 5 Pro is to use the BypassFRP.apk application and Google-Account-Manager.apk as a tool to bypass frp lock.

Then how is it done? The following process is accompanied by an image to make it easier to apply it.

  1. When the ” Chrome needs storage access to download files ” pop-up appears , please tap [ Continue ] to continue.
  2. If the two files have been downloaded, then tap on the Chrome menu icon in the upper right corner then select [ Download ].
  3. After that, first install the Google-account-manager-v8.apk file . When the ” Chrome For your security, your phone … ” pop-up appears , tap on [ Settings ] then activate it in the ” Allow apps from this source ” section .
  4. Press [ Back ] then tap [ Install ]. Wait until the application installation process is complete. When done, tap the [ Done ] button .
  5. Next, tap on the BypassFRP-1.0.apk file to install, select [Install] and again wait for it to finish.
  6. If so, please tap [ Open ] to run the BypassFRP-1.0.apk application.
  7. In the ” Re-type Password ” view, tap on the menu icon in the upper right corner then select [ Browser Sign-in ]> [ OK ].

Just a suggestion for you, when configuring or adding / creating a google account for the first time on Realme 5, 5s, 5i, or 5 Pro phones, make sure you remember and record the email address and password. So that when the cell phone again asks for a google account verification, all you have to do is enter it without having to worry anymore to do a Frp bypass Apk.